AIPA leadership team re-elected after tumultuous term

AIPA leadership team re-elected after tumultuous term

The leadership team that guided the Australian and International Pilots Association through its first industrial campaign since 1966 has been re-elected for another two-year term. 

AIPA President Captain Barry Jackson along with AIPA Vice Presidents Captain Richard Woodward, Captain Brad Hodson and Captain David Backhouse were this week returned for another term at the helm of the Association. 

“It is a real honour to be re-elected as AIPA President after such a turbulent couple of years,” Captain Jackson said.

“I know AIPA’s three Vice Presidents feel the same way. None of us would have dreamed that we would serve during such difficult and unstable times for Qantas.

I feel honoured that my Vice Presidents and I have been re-elected after guiding Qantas pilots through their first period of industrial action since 1966. I am genuinely proud of the responsible and considered industrial campaign we waged, which did not involve disrupting the travel plans of a single Qantas passenger. 

Wearing red ties and making in-flight announcements was a suitably responsible way of making the public aware of what was being done to a national icon by its current management. We stand by it, and I’m incredibly gratified to see that my colleagues at AIPA stand by it as well. 

Qantas Group faces some huge challenges, but also some huge opportunities. My sincere hope for my next term as President is to secure the open and honest dialogue with management that I have sought from the beginning. 

Qantas can achieve great things into the future if management works constructively with its pilots and staff. For the vast majority of pilots, working for Qantas represents the pinnacle of their flying careers. They have huge knowledge and passion for making Qantas a success and restoring the image of the brand both here and across the globe. 

I urge management to recognise this resource and to re-open up the lines of constructive communication with AIPA.

I genuinely hope my next term as President will coincide with a brighter era for the Flying Kangaroo.”