AIPA negotiating to ensure fair deal for pilots during voluntary redundancy program

AIPA negotiating to ensure fair deal for pilots during voluntary redundancy program

The Australian and International Pilots Association is negotiating with Qantas to ensure a program of voluntary redundancies for pilots is fair and reasonable, AIPA President Nathan Safe confirmed today.

The voluntary redundancies are associated with the airline's previously announced retirement of its 747 and 767 fleet.

Mr Safe said that while it was regrettable to see Qantas's pilot numbers being reduced, the Association was working with the company to ensure the process was managed with as little pain to individual pilots as possible.

“AIPA is now negotiating with the company to ensure the voluntary redundancies offered fairly reflect the typically long years of quality service invested by Qantas pilots," Mr Safe said.

"Obviously from AIPA's perspective it is far better to see fleet reductions managed with older pilots stepping out on their own terms, rather than younger pilots being made redundant compulsorily."

AIPA today opened a survey of members and will draw on the results during negotiations with the company.

"Given that the fleet reduction is happening, the vital thing for us is to ensure that the redundancy packages offered are reasonable and the entire process is handled without surprises," Mr Safe said.

"AIPA's negotiation team will be working closely with the company in the coming weeks and months to ensure that Qantas pilots are treated fairly.

"We believe the quality and reputation of Qantas pilots is a core part of what has set this airline apart for over 93 years. So we think it is important that their contributions to the airline are respected and treated accordingly."