IT’S OFFICIAL: Management actions have turned Australians against Qantas

IT’S OFFICIAL: Management actions have turned Australians against Qantas

New national polling figures confirm what most had already predicted, that the actions of Qantas management in 2011 have badly battered the standing of the Flying Kangaroo.

The weekly Essential Report shows that in response to the question: ‘Compared to 12 months ago, how do you feel about Qantas: more positive, more negative or about the same?’ 41 per cent of Australians feel more negative against just 11 per cent who feel more positive.

When asked: ‘What is the main reason you feel more positive/negative about Qantas?’, those who answered ‘negative’ nominate management as the reason by 77 per cent to nine per cent.

Australian and International Pilots Association Vice President Captain Richard Woodward said the numbers showed categorically just how incorrect CEO Alan Joyce’s assessment of Qantas’s problems is.

“Mr Joyce is absolutely correct in saying that Qantas faces challenges from many angles, and that’s why Qantas pilots have made it abundantly clear, for well over a year, that we are eager to work cooperatively with management to overcome them,” Captain Woodward said.

“However, in forming his analysis, Mr Joyce is wilfully blind to the most glaring problem facing the airline today – and that is the devastating damage dealt to the brand as a direct result of his management decisions.

“These national polling numbers show unequivocally how badly Qantas has been hurt by Mr Joyce’s misguided, unnecessary aggression.

“Of the huge number of Australians who feel more negatively about Qantas than they did this time last year, 77 per cent attribute that negativity to management actions, as opposed to just 11 per cent who say staff are to blame.

“This fundamentally contradicts Mr Joyce’s assessment of the current situation. Just a fortnight ago, he publicly stated the grounding was ‘good for the Qantas brand’ and claimed he had been swamped with messages of support.

“Mr Joyce is a mathematician. He should know that impartial national polling is a stronger indicator of the situation than congratulatory emails from his corner office mates.

“If we are to rebuild this great airline we need to first acknowledge the damage that has been done and how it was caused. You cannot solve a problem if you do not recognise it.

“Qantas pilots stand ready to assist management in the rebuilding process whenever Mr Joyce declares himself able to face the problem.”