Jetstar’s 2nd FWO prosecution in two months demonstrates dodgy culture

Jetstar’s 2nd FWO prosecution in two months demonstrates dodgy culture

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s announcement today, that it is prosecuting Jetstar for underpaying Thai cabin crew on Australian domestic routes, once again illustrates the dangerous and worrying culture of workplace management at the budget airline, the Australian and International Pilots Association said today.

The FWO’s action, which is listed for a directions hearing on August 17, is, extraordinarily, the second prosecution brought against Jetstar since last month.

AIPA President Captain Barry Jackson said pilots and staff had long been aware of the dodgy management culture at Jetstar and the twin FWO prosecutions illustrated this beyond doubt.

“We have known for some time that Jetstar has cynically used Thai cabin crew, paid subpar wages, to undercut Australian staff on Jetstar domestic routes,” Captain Jackson said.

“They are able to do this by flying an aircraft from Thailand to Australia and then using that aircraft, with crew, to service domestic routes. It is a scam and I am very grateful to see the Fair Work Ombudsman intervening.

“Exploiting foreign workers, on foreign wages, in an effort to circumvent Australian workplace standards does not sit very well with the public. I don’t think Australian passengers take kindly to such practices and AIPA’s concern is that such practices damage Jetstar’s brand.

“Just last month the FWO brought a completely separate prosecution against Jetstar for taking Australian cadet pilots to New Zealand to open bank accounts and register with the NZ Tax Office. This was done so that the airline could pay these cadets NZ wages.

“Two unrelated FWO prosecutions in two months must surely be some sort of record. As a wholly-owned Qantas subsidiary there is absolutely no reason why Jetstar should be pushing our Australian laws beyond the limit.

“Jetstar’s business reaps many benefits from operating in a prosperous first world nation, they should not seek to avoid the responsibilities that come with those benefits.

“When passengers board a Jetstar domestic flight they rightly feel entitled to a flight crew and a cabin crew employed under Australian standards. Jetstar should honour that expectation and stop trying to rip Australians off.”

“These are jobs that could very easily be filled by Australians at the drop of a hat. There is no need for foreign guest workers in this industry.”