Joyce strikes yet another blow to Qantas’s once impeccable brand

Joyce strikes yet another blow to Qantas’s once impeccable brand

Alan Joyce’s plan to shrink Qantas by 2,800 jobs and outsource most of its international flying to Emirates will represent yet another devastating blow to the once untouchable Qantas brand, the Australian and International Pilots Association said today.

The Qantas CEO has announced 2,800 jobs will go at the national carrier, as part of a ‘tie-up’ with the Arab carrier.

AIPA Vice President Captain Richard Woodward said although Mr Joyce’s motives were tough to read, the result would be disastrous.

“In the international aviation game you cannot shrink to success,” Captain Woodward said.

“The only way Mr Joyce can salvage Qantas from the damage that has been inflicted upon it by his management team and his predecessor’s management team, is to start building on what made Qantas great – its reputation as a safe, reliable and uniquely Australian airline. If Qantas is not this, then it is nothing and it will fail.

“Yet today Mr Joyce outlines a plan to outsource Qantas international flying to a Middle Eastern competitor and cut 2,800 jobs from the workforce.

“These are not the plans of a leader who wants Qantas to return to greatness. His rhetoric around re-building Qantas is looking thinner and thinner by the day.

“The sad thing about all this is that Mr Joyce’s way is not the only way open to Qantas. Despite the grounding last year, and the mismanagement of recent times, the vast majority of Australians still want the flying roo to succeed.

“Australians still want a true national flagship carrier and our politicians are willing to listen to the options for retaining one.

“Once again, Qantas pilots urge Mr Joyce to reconsider his disastrous plans and start working with pilots and other stakeholders on a plan that might actually save our national carrier.

“In his speech today, Mr Joyce rightly pointed out that Qantas has prospered due to its past leaders having the courage to make big, transformative decisions to succeed. He is kidding himself if he thinks slashing 2,800 jobs and outsourcing flying to a competitor belongs in that category.”