Pilots welcome new CEO of Qantas International

Pilots welcome new CEO of Qantas International

The Australian and International Pilots Association has today welcomed the incoming CEO of Qantas International, Simon Hickey, on behalf of Qantas pilots.

Mr Hickey will move from his role as Qantas frequent flyer chief executive to take up the new position of Qantas International CEO after the airline announced a restructure today.

AIPA Treasurer and Qantas pilot Adam Susz said pilots were optimistic that Mr Hickey’s move into International would be a positive one.

“On behalf of Qantas pilots we wish to welcome Simon Hickey to his new role. We look forward to entering into a constructive and productive relationship with him,” Mr Susz said.

“Mr Hickey seems to enjoy a reputation as a pragmatist and that is certainly the change in approach Qantas International needs right now.

“In recent times we have seen Qantas International used as a political and industrial weapon. For the sake of the airline and the Qantas brand we can’t afford that to continue.

“What we need now is a common sense approach, someone who understands the value of working with pilots and Qantas staff to strengthen this great airline so it can continue to serve passengers safely for the next 90 years. Hopefully that is exactly what Mr Hickey is looking to deliver.

“Obviously AIPA is still in the process of considering the effect the segmentation of Qantas International and Qantas Domestic will have on Qantas pilots. To date, management has not consulted nor discussed the change with us, so we will be seeking further information and a meeting with Mr Hickey.

“However, hopefully this signals a renewed intent to get on with the important mission of repairing the Qantas brand.

“I think just about everyone is tired of the adversarial approach that has been taken by Qantas management to its pilots and staff to date.

“It has dealt a significant blow to the Qantas brand, which just a few short years ago was the Number One brand in the country.

“We wish Mr Hickey all the very best in helping turn this around. He will find AIPA and Qantas pilots want nothing more than to see Qantas thrive and succeed.

“We look forward to assisting him achieve this goal.”